5 Reasons You'll Still Need A Website In 2020

The new year is fast approaching. No doubt there will be some changes to the business climate during 2020 but one thing that won't change is you needing a website. Even with all the various social platforms and marketplaces that have emerged on the web, there's still value in having your own website. In this…

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5 Mistakes People Make When Starting A Business

Nearly everyone wants to be their own boss, but less face it running your own business comes with a unique set of challenges. Here are 5 mistakes people make when they start a business.

1. They focus on the wrong things. 

The first and best thing you can do when starting a business is get a customer.…

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How To Take Products Photos For Your Online Store

One of the things I see people struggle with when creating an online store are product photos. When you look at the big companies you know they can afford to get professional photography done on all the products they sell but if you're running a small business that's probably not the case. So in this…

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How To Use TikTok

TikTok is this years fastest growing app. It recently hit #1 on both the App Store and Google Play. It has over 1 billion installs worldwide. 

TikTok is all about sharing short form videos. The videos…

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How To Get Email Subscribers

Getting found online is hard. There are millions upon millions of websites. So when someone does find yours it's important to get them to subscribe to your website. Getting people to subscribe to your website will increase your conversion rates because you'll have the opportunity to follow up with your site visitors. Normally when someone…

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5 WebStarts Time Saving Design Tips

At WebStarts our goal is make creating a great looking website easy for everyone. But we also know sometimes we just don't have the time to create that pixel perfect site. Here are five time saving web design tips that will help you design a better looking website, faster, using WebStarts.

1. Clone pages

When you…

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New Feature - Blog Categories

Now you can create and manage blog categories using the WebStarts blog application. To do this login to your WebStarts account and click on the Blog Applicaiton while in the dashboard view. Next click to create or edit a post. 

On the right side of your post you'll see a new Categories option. Click the button…

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How To Make A Website

How to make a website.

1. Decide the primary goal of your website.

Is your goal to sell products, sell services, or convey information? Deciding the primary goal of your website will make it easy to determine what should be on your site and how your site should be laid out.

2. Sign up to make a website…

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10 Email Marketing Tips That Work

It's 2019 and email marketing is still the highest converting form of advertising. If you're not using email marketing to win new customers and get more out of existing one's you're leaving plenty of money on the table. In this article I'll give you ten email marketing tips that are sure to increase your sales…

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How To Choose Images For Your Website

Choosing the right images for your website is the difference between having a beautiful website and one that looks homemade. But there are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when selecting images for your website. 

1. Get professional photography

So few people bother to get a professional photo shoot for your business yet…

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New Store Features - SEO Friendly URLs and Sub Categories

This week we released two new, highly requested webstarts store features. 

SEO friendly URLs help you get better search engine ranking by including the keywords someone would use to search for your products online in the product URL. When Google crawls your site they determine what the site is about using a number of factors.…

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How To Choose Fonts For Your Website

Here are 5 rules to help you choose the right font for your website.

1. Messaging - Think about the message you're trying to convey and choose an appropriate font. For example if you want to convey elegance you may want a script. If you're creating something futuristic you might want to choose something modern.

2. Safe…

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5 Ways To Improve Your KLT (Know, Like, and Trust) Online

People will buy things from people who they know, like, and trust. You have a limited opportunity to get to know people, especially when you're doing something like selling online. So what type of things can you do to get customers to know, like, and trust you online?

1. Keep your website up to date. 

The first…

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5 Design Hacks For A Better Looking Website

Creating a web design that's beautiful and functional can be tricky. In this article I'm going to share with you 5 design hacks for a better looking website.

1. Use color and weight instead of size to define hierarchy.

Hierarchy is an important concept in design because it lets the viewer know what they should pay most…

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New Feature - WebStarts Store Login

One of the best ways to get people to make recurring purchases from your online store is to save their credit card payment and shipping information. Checkout is one of the highest points of friction in the sales process. So anything you can do to make checkout faster and easier will help increase conversion rates…

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