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New Feature - Files and Folders

This week we introduced a new and improved file manager. You can now find the Files and Folders application on your dashboard. This is a centralized location where you can manage and organize your files.

Click the upload button to upload files from your local computer. You can upload multiple files at the same time. This allows you to get your website files into the cloud quickly and easily. You can then click the edit icon to change the file name. Click the New Folder icon to create a new folder. Give the folder whatever name you'd like. You can then drag and drop your files into the folder. This will help you keep your files neatly organized in the cloud.  Clicking on the file type in the top left hand menu is an easy way to sort your folders by images, videos, music, and documents. 

When you hover over a file you can click on the preview icon to open up a preview of the file. You can click on the share icon to generate a URL for the file which you can then copy to your clipboard. That makes it easy to share a file through messaging, email, and other places. Of course clicking on the trash icon will send a file to the Deleted Files folder where they will stay for seven days before they're permentantly deleted. That way you'll have a chance to restore a file if you've deleted it by accident.

Whether you're creating a website or just looking to store your files in a secure clould WebStarts is the perfect solution. Sign up for free at