Easy & Very Powerful

When I opened my first Webstarts account with little to no knowledge of html, I was amazed at how easy and powerful it was to let my imagination do all of the work for me! They provide you with all of the tools and support needed to help create the website of your dreams!

Thank you WebStarts for helping me build my dream website!

- Peter W.


WebStarts provides everything users need to create a custom website, blog, or store without the need to code

As a pioneer in the drag-and-drop market, WebStarts has years of experience. And, along the way, the company’s learned a thing or two about what clients want. From web hosting and domain names to design software, WebStarts provides everything users need to create a custom website, blog, or online store without the need to code... read the full WebStarts review

- Christine Preusler, HostingAdvice.com


Trusted and Full-Featured Website Builder

WebStarts provides a stunning web design experience for non-coders, who aim at the development of quality websites with impressive design and performance. This is a full-featured website builder, which comes with advanced web design and SEO tools, intuitive drag-and-drop editor, eCommerce and social media integration, built-in blogging engine and lots of responsive niche templates. These features are more than enough to cover a broad spectrum of your web development needs. Read an expert Webstarts review.

- Howard Steele, SuperbWebsiteBuilders


Webstarts has become one of the best services available

I have been using Webstarts for the last three years. In this time, I have seen their service mature and develop into a unique, professional website design and development platform that all users, beginner-expert can utilize. Webstarts has introduced so many new features to their product; from blogs to forums and e-commerence tools just to name a few, it's hard to keep up. There are countless categories as to which type of website(s) you can create using this service, the possibilities are endless.

Overall, I believe that Webstarts has become one of the best services available to design, publish, and maintain a website in today's online world, and its only the beginning.

- Kyle Belanger


We highly recommend WebStarts!

In our search for the best place to create a free website we came across WebStarts. After a thorough review of all the features, tools, and options they offer, we highly recommend WebStarts! Not only does the free plan provide all the basic features needed to build a website, but they also offer paid plans with all the additional bells and whistles.

- The Best Free Web Space Team


WebStarts Offers Entrepreneurs Tools to Build a Web Presence Regardless of Technical Ability

Today, thanks to website builders, like WebStarts, it’s much easier to create your online side hustle — without having to read hundreds of pages on coding. Regardless of your experience, you can use WebStarts’ drag-and-drop design tools to quickly create and market a professional-looking website that fosters confidence in customers... Read Full WebStarts Review

- Ray FitzGerald, CardRates.com


Fully Customizable Without Limitations

I have used many web creators online and none are as easy to use or as FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE as webstarts.  I love that with Webstarts I have full capability to make my website look and feel exactly as I choose without limitations.

Thanks, Dallas


WebStarts: Best Free Interactive Site Builder!

Whether you’re looking to build a basic site, blog, or online store, the WebStarts interface is equipped to turn your design visions into reality, offering a “truly what-you-see-is-what-you-get” experience. WebStarts is one of the best website builders on the market and it embodies intuitiveness and user-friendliness, which is why we love recommending it to first-time site owners and web design beginners...

- Laura Stamey - HostingAdvice.com


WebStarts came to the rescue!

Hydrant Regency

Well first off Webstarts came to the rescue! For years we were stuck having to stick with what we had and bouncing around for awhile looking for a place to call home for our dream website. Then one night I was searching again for the right website company to give us what we wanted and we discovered WEBSTARTS! The company gave us a chance to do what we wanted to do and have complete control! With all of the videos and information and tools they gave us we were able to build the website of our dreams for everyone to see.

Thank you webstarts for being so easy to use! Thank you for offering great service and support. We could not have been able to do it without you!

Thank you again webstarts! You can't beat the price, you can't beat the designing tools! Check out the dogs online and see what webstarts help us create!


You Don’t Need Coding Experience to Get Your Message Out There

WebStarts empowers everyday people to put together a custom, professional-grade website for personal or business purposes. Just choose a domain name, pick the perfect the design, and start adding content. If you know how to use a keyboard, you can use these simple tools to build a website. Intuitive design features allow anyone to build a fully functional and original website — with no technical experience necessary.

- Amber Brooks - DatingAdvice.com


Adam, Dayne and the rest of the WebStarts team have always been there to help and give sound advice

Directsource Network

I set up my company, "Direct Source Network" in 2008. DSN is a Recruitment Consultancy that specialises in Overseas Expat Assignments for Senior Management Professionals. As a start up company setting up in tough economic times I was looking for a powerful, no nonsense Web Solution that was cost effective and easy to set up and maintain. WebStarts was the right choice for me straight out of the gate. Adam, Dayne and the rest of the WebStarts team have always been there to help and give sound advice.

I am a VERY happy WebStarts customer!


WebStarts is simpler to manage than Weebly or Wix, which feel overcrowded at times

WebStarts is a pretty underrated and robust website builder. While most companies oversell themselves on their websites - WebStarts is the opposite. WebStarts is on par with both Weebly and Wix in terms of its abilities, but has much less name recognition, and it’s even faster to get started with than its bigger rivals. WebStarts is simpler to manage than Weebly or Wix, which feel overcrowded at times.

- Chris Wagner - HostingPill.com


I love the video tutorials

Ferch Properties

I love the video tutorials. I still use them to add to my webstarts website. I have a business that rents and sells homes and it makes it alot easier to advertise when you have a website.


Webstarts makes website building a fun project!

Triangle Home 4 Me

Webstarts makes website building a fun project! Customized for my Real Estate business in the Raleigh area of NC, this site has been fun to put together and easy to change as needed.


WebStarts has been working great for me

Blue Jayke

Hello, I upgraded to Webstarts Pro Plus not that long ago, and its been working great for me. I have a custom email, My own domain, login to my site, forums, and a lot more!


He seemed to really care about my issues and went to great lengths to resolve my problems

I recently purchased Webstarts Pro and built a new website for my business. I was very pleased with your product and found your tools easy to build my new website. However, when I tried to switch my domain name from my previous web host to Webstarts, problems began to arise. I started emailing and making phone calls to see what the problem was. I have never met Josh, but he was quick to respond to my emails and gave me very precise easy to understand instructions on what to do.

The other night, I called regarding my domain issues. To my surprise, Josh answered the phone. He was extremely helpful. He seemed to really care about my issues and went to great lengths to resolve my problems. What he couldn’t fix he said he would refer to his boss or others that could resolve the problem. Josh was GREAT!!!  He was very professional and knowledgeable. He explained things in terms that were easy for me to understand, and made me feel confident in his ability to get things resolved. I am an attorney and am trusting Webstarts with my website. I know what it means to take complex legal issues and make them understandable for my clients and I know what it takes to make clients feel confident in my abilities so they trust me with their case. Josh did this for me. So, many thanks Josh. If I have any more issues, I hope you are there to help me again.

Wade L. Griffin, Jr.


Takes the headache out of site building

I have had a working website for four years. I have tried numerous site editors over the past four years from the most advanced and most expensive, to the cheapest, and I have yet to find anything any better than WebStarts. Thank you for taking the headache out of site building and editing! I have already recommended several people to start using WebStarts.

- Jay's Photography & Design


This is just awesome!

Hello Webstarts! This tool is just awesome. I'll be telling everyone about this web building tool. This is just awesome! I was so excited when I hit this site man, you guys did a very good job of helping me with my limited knowledge to make a website and this is just awesome! I'm here making my website and hope to launch it soon. Be blessed all ya'll!

- Pastor Desmond


I am amazed at how many hits the site has received!

At one point I was going to put together a website for our senior mens golf league. Where I had started I was having trouble putting one together. I happened to come across Webstarts and looked into it. It turned out that it was going to be easy to put one together. So I tried the site that was free. It looked good but I wanted to have more pages, so I signed up for the next level of site. It turned out that this is what I really needed. I put on a hit counter from Webstats and am amazed at how many hits the site has received in a little over 2 months. I don't know where they are coming from. I am not interested in having it on Google or other sites as it was intended for our group. I have gotten all kinds of praise fom our guys about how nice it is and how easy it is to navigate through the pages. Thank you for creating such an easy way to get on the internet.

- Bob Hendry


Easy to use and affordable

I just want to say that I LOVE Webstarts! It is easy to use, affordable and gives you an abundance of support and training. If you're looking for a website home... Webstarts.com is the place to be. Thank You for all your hard work and offering such a great service.

- Teresa C.


Finally found your site and it's fantastic

I just wanted to let you know that after trying other services (godaddy and weebly) and having no luck, I finally found your site and it's fantastic. It is very easy to use... finally the frustration of trying to build my website for my new business is over! Thanks again!

- Joey Peters


The instructional videos make building a site about as easy as possible

I created personal web sites with the web starts program, and I am very pleased with what I have been able to accomplish. I have added photos, widgets, videos, slide shows, and much more, and the Pro price of $3.94 monthly is great for anyone's budget. There are so many tools to use that anyone would be very pleased whether creating a personal, business or ministry site. The instructional videos make building a site about as easy as possible for even an amateur who never created a site before. You can't beat web starts for versatility!

In addition to the great tools, the service from the web starts staff has been absolutely efficient, and all my inquires were answered the same day they were submitted through email and the phone service included with the Pro accounts is polite and professional.

I highly recommend this site building opportunity to anyone irrespective of whether you have past experience in site building or lack experience. It's a great deal! Come on board and join in the fun and build something you can be proud of!

- Rick Shaffer


Design is completely SEO friendly

WebStarts enabled me to quickly and easily build a professional looking site without knowledge of html or any other programming code. We greatly benefited from Webstarts because we were able to make the site the way we wanted without having to pay or consult with a web design company or professional. Moreover, their interface and design is completely SEO friendly, which means individuals can find the site in all three major search engines. See for yourself by searching for "Tax debt aid" in Google, Yahoo or MSN. Lastly, an important part of any product or website you design, is support. I have interacted with support over 10+ times and the response time and level of service exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for putting out such a great and easy to use product.

- Charlie C.


The tech support is excellent

Webstarts is a great service for anyone looking for a simple and cost-effective web design tool. The tech support is excellent and the design interface is easy to use and offers a wide range of options to fully customize your website.

- Chris Cooke

Owner of AuxAno Wealth Group


It's as easy to do as they say

I want to recommend WEBSTARTS very highly. I started using computers late in life and had to rely on the so called experts at my great expense and to my dissatisfaction. I have just set up my own site using WebStarts and it is indistinguishable from one I paid $1600 for. It's as easy to do as they say. I am getting a couple of friends started by pointing them to WebStarts and they'll do the rest. Want to see the quality, go to opedtoons.com. Thanks to these folks I can proceed with my project.

- Peter F.


You guys are amazing

Webstarts is the most amazing site builder for the coding-illiterate I have come across and I bought the premium and a domain right away. Other builders did not even allow PNG image uploads, hardly costomizeable, etc.. so you guys are amazing. My website is www.glio-headquarters.com (it's a game site) and thats an old look, I updated my gallery with my new design that I made in photoshop. I'm a bit lazy but I will get around to re-styling the entire site soon.

- Richard


You've got a customer for life

I have already watched all of your videos and they were very very helpful. As a matter of fact I have spent about 50 hours total perfecting my web site with Webstarts and everybody that sees it has told me how awesome it looks. I would recommend Webstarts to anyone and everyone who currently has or is looking to build a new web site. You've got a customer for life, Thanks again.

- Alexander Holder


Very Happy With Your Program

I'm very happy with your program and it was relatively easy to build the website. I only had a couple of questions and they were answered quickly. Your videos were very helpful. Thanks.

- Marty Friedman


Highly Recommend Using Webstarts

I highly recommend people to use Webstarts for its simplicity, cost and functionality. I already have a link on my business website that encourages people to use Webstarts for free.

- Andrew Sinay


Your YouTube videos are a lifesaver

I am now working on building 3 sites and everyone is impressed with the design and the built in flash and statistical features you have. It's a total package. Oh and one last thing, your YouTube videos are a lifesaver, it's like all you got to know how to do is use a keyboard and click a mouse and your set. Couldn't of made it easier!

- Ryan Phillips


Finding your company was truly a blessing

I love it! I actually have purchased two websites and I am working on my third one for my online magazine. Finding your company was truly a blessing. Thanks

- Sonya W.


You make it easy to make web pages

I have already upgraded to the pro account and am satisfied with what you have done to make it easy to make web pages. I will watch the videos to sharpen my skills. Thank you again.

- Harry F. Dunn


Who would have believed I would be starting my own business at 50!

I've started a whole new business creating websites using Webstarts as a guide! Although all my websites are made from scratch, I'm sure at some point I'll be using your existing designs. Who would have believed I would be starting my own business at 50! How exciting is that!!! Of course, with Webstarts' many features this was easy to do! Just think, all business I acquire will also be Webstarts customers. Chi-ching... that's the sound of money in my pocket as well as yours. And yes, all customers are upgraded to the Pro Account. I'm on my second customer right now and there are three more waiting in the wings.

A satisfied customer of Webstarts

- Linda J.


A great tool in reaching out to the public

I am the Fire Chief for small volunteer fire dept. We look for many ways to reach out to our citizens and provide them with educational information. In todays fast paced world and the use of the internet, we have found this to be a great tool in reaching out to the public. Thank you for providing us with an awesome product to share with the community.

- Arby Todd


Now - thank God! - we're selling wiener puppies again!

We are REALLY enjoying our new website we have with you. We're certainly pleased with the ease of use, being able to stick photos, text, etc... anywhere we want them - it's far better than what we had before. But the VERY BEST PART is NOT having to know and use HTML or other programming code! We walked right in, put our site together, and now - thank God! - we're selling wiener puppies again! Being able to insert PayPal "Buy Now" buttons beside each listing is great, too - we've been selling dogs like hot-cakes ever since a few minutes after the site went active. Even adults we've had a really hard time moving in the past. Keep up the great work! Oh, and it's genuinely WONDERFUL to reach the same person, time after time (specifically Steve, with whom we've talked a couple of times, and emailed). Have to get back to updating the website - we sold 2 pups and one adult male today!

- Janet Flick, kennel owner

- Becky Sewell, website administrator


Your website is easy to use

My website is coming along nicely, and I have tons of comments on it. Your website is easy to use and has been easy for me to creat- as I have 2 little ones, the easier the better!

- Jessica Hewitt


I've started a whole new business creating websites using Webstarts as a guide!

I don't have a problem and I don't have a question. I just want to thank you. I've started a whole new business creating websites using Webstarts as a guide!  And to my surprise my website with get zero cost keyword is No.1 on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This is great! Thank you very much for creating Webstarts as SEO friendly with great support. Thanks a lot. By the way I started to build my website January 16, 2011 and a month after I was already on the first page on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Please put me in testimonials page I want people to see and encourage them to make a website using webstarts.

-Marilou Pawlik


Webstarts.com was a breath of fresh air for me

Webstarts.com has been very beneficial for my business. It helped almost immediately, and it was really easy to create! With all the other tasks and duties that come with starting a tourist/local attraction, Webstarts.com was a breath of fresh air for me. Their easy to use interface and video tutorials made it easy to make an entire working website in less than a week. Thanks Webstarts.com!

~Xavier Villalon


Their creation speaks loudly of their remarkable insight. Long live Webstarts.com!

After some sad experiences encountered while trying to use other website professional builders, at last I found Webstarts.com that offered interesting ways of creating a website. Truly, this is a great tool for any one who prefers to work in his time with less pressure, because no matter how long you build your site, there are no constrains of anything e.g. limited days for upgrade fee, etc. I have already tried building two websites, and one was already visible in the Google. My goal right now is mastering the basics of Webstarts.com before introducing it to my senior high school students in line with their Web scripting or Web Page Design course project using HTML.

With high expectations of Webstarts.com, I believe that there would be many; especially those with insufficient financial capabilities, that will appreciate the real service which the founder and all the personnel behind this company have demonstrated to the Information world. Their creation speaks loudly of their remarkable insights. Long live Webstarts.com!

Thank you very much.

Domingo A. Diwas

St. John Berchmans High School

3312 Cordon, Isabela, Philippine


Wow! what a great company you have

Thank you for everything. Wow! what a great company you have. Webstarts pro-plus website building tool is really helping my business. I h3ly recommend it to anyone who owns thier own business and wants to get "in the loop" with their core money making and money spending customer base.

Although I am a college educated small business owner, I am not a very "high-tech" computer person. I'm 41 years old, my generation came along before cell phones and the internet. However, thanks to your easy to use program and excellent customer service, I had no problem setting up & building my website! Now, I don't have to drag around a bulky picture portfolio, or hope I have it with me when I am pricing a job. Now, anyone in the world can see my pictures 24-7.

My business is located in Huntsville, Alabama, one of the most "high-tech" communities in the world. NASA is located here. My customers are engineers, 2 Star Generals, ect... Over the last 20 years I have evolved from a lawn guy into a landscape artist. I do amazing, artistic landscape work, but only a limited group of people knew about me. Now that I have my website, my whole customer base will be very aware of me, my work, my pictures and my business.

David Touchon,

Owner - The Plant Park, Garden Center & Landscape co.



I was a newbie and this is very easy and works great.. so many features it's insane they only charge $4 bucks a month! Keep up the awesome work webstarts!



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