More Features Than Any Other Website Builder

Add Your Own Custom Domain Name

Claim your stake in the world wide web. Register your very own web address to have it automatically configured to work live on the web with your website instantly. Ready to get started? Sign up now at www.WebStarts.com.

Your site submitted to Google

Upgrade your website to a premium plan and get your site listed on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Optimize your website for mobile devices

Make your website look great whether on a desktop, phone, or tablet.

Custom Email Addresses

Let your customers know your business is legit with custom email addresses to match your custom domain.

Instantly begin accepting credit card payments directly from your website

We've teamed up with WePay to let you accept card payment instantly with no lengthy review process.

Everything you need to share and sell your music online

Upgrade your website to a premium plan and get your site listed on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Create stunning one page designs with anchor links

Anchor links let you link from one place to a page to another. Simply drop an anchor, create a link to it, and let your visitors skip the scrolling.

Create custom forms

Create contact forms, order forms, and just about anything you want with the form builder app.

Sell customized products or take donations from your site with payment enabled forms

Perfect for selling one of a kind items.

Embed files on to your web page

Upload PDFs, Word Documents, and even Excel Spreadsheets and embed them directly on to the pages of your website.

Create Dazzling Slideshows and Photo Galleries

Slideshows and Photo galleries are a great way to display multiple photos on your website. Choose from the many different styling options provided to showcase your photos and images just how you want.

Create a cinematic website experience with draw dropping video backgrounds

Show off your own videos or choose from any video on YouTube.

Create Video Galleries to showcase multiple videos

Display multiple videos at a time using the Video Gallery app. Choose those that you have uploaded to your site, or add them from YouTube, to create an elegant gallery of all your videos.

Selfie Cam

Why not have a little fun with your website? Try out the all new Selfie App to easily add serious and silly selfies alike.

Create bold and modern designs with full with photo backgrounds

Upload your own photos, fetch them from Facebook and Instagram, or choose one from our image library.

Convey your ideas without adding clutter to your site

Choose from hundreds of icons that can be sized, styled, and colored in a variety of ways.

Create 'Members Only' Pages On Your Website

WebStarts all new Membership feature allows you to easily protect your website's content and control who has access to certain pages.

Search Engine Optimization Wizard

The WebStarts SEO Wizard walks you through just what you'll need to do in order to get ranked on top search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Use the handy SEO wizard to ensure that each of your website's pages is properly optimized for search.

Get real help from real web experts. Call us today at 1-800-805-0920

If you ever have a question building your website, we're just a phone call away. We're easy to get a hold of and we have our 1-800 number listed at the top of every page. And when you call us, you're speaking to a real web expert who understands exactly what is required to get your website created. Have a question now? Click Here to contact us.

Save time when customizing your design with complete style management

Change things like font styles, colors, across your site with a single click.

Change your sites color scheme with a single click

Our smart color palette makes it easy to find a great looking color scheme for your design.

Get your site visitors to share and go viral.

Add a custom social bar to your website and link straight to your social media.

Add Facebook Like Buttons and Comment Boxes

Integrate Facebook Widgets to your website in a just a few clicks.

Twitter integration

It's easier than ever to gain followers and publish content directly from your website to Twitter.

Add YouTube Videos and stream them from your website

Captivate your audience with our YouTube video search tool. It let's you search from the millions of videos on YouTube and place them on to your web pages in just a few clicks.

Post Instagram photos directly to your website from your phone

Share your favorite Instagram photos straight from your phone onto your website with the Instagram app.

Pinterest integration

Share your pins and promote boards from your website.

Never run out of great looking photos for your website

We've created a huge library of stock images for you to use on your website.

Show off a video library or portfolio

Upload your own videos or fetch them from Youtube. It's the perfect way to show off your creative work.

Integrated Image Editing Software

Make any photo look gorgeous and show it off on your website in just a few easy clicks. Fully featured image editing software allows you to crop, rotate, add beautiful filters, effects and a whole lot more.

Choose from 100's of completely customizable designs

While our competitors limit you to changing a few lines of text and a couple of images on the same boring template already being used by hundreds of others, WebStarts provides everything you need to create a completely original web design that truly conveys the value of your products and services. Click here to see our themes.

Share Word documents and PDFs on your website

Make contracts, waivers, and other documents available for download directly from your site.

Hundreds Of Font Styles Now Available

We have now added the ability to choose from hundreds of beautiful and unique font styles for the text on your site, allowing you even more flexibilty in designing your website.

Build your brand by adding a favicon to your pages

Upload a favicon and display your logo in the browser tab.

Post to your very own blog

Share insights and create your own content factory with the blog app.

Add A Guestbook

Webstarts allows you to add a Guestbook to your website so that people who visit your website can let you know that they were there. A Guestbook is a great way to stay connected with your site visitors.

Drag and Drop editing

Other website builders have strict limitations on the way you can design your page layout because they use old technology. Webstarts' breakthrough coding techniques allow you to drag and drop objects to the exact location on want them to be displayed on your page. This allows you to create truly unique layouts, limited by only your imagination.

Add dynamic and interactive apps and widgets to your site

The HTML wizard makes it easy to integrate third party apps onto your pages.

Know who's on your site and where they're coming from

WebStarts provides a hit counter app as well as a full analytics suite.

Protect your work from being downloaded

Disable right click and prevent site visitors from downloading your images and other content.

Menu Builder

WebStarts let's you create a unique look and feel to your website menus with complete control of your menu color, text style, size, and more.

Add Images

"Add your own personal photos, custom designed graphics and Logo's or just about any other image to your site."

Set Image Opacity

Make any object on your web page see through. Wow your site visitors with professional layouts and designs with just a couple of easy clicks.

Custom Image Alt Tags

Add custom Alt Tags to all of your images. Alt Tags help search engines in identifying what your page is about by applying descriptive text to your images. Using Alt Tags effectively can be a big boost to your search engine optimization.

Add some ambience to your site with a music player

Make your web pages sing. With WebStarts you can upload your favorite music to any web page. You can make the music play automatically in the background or display a list of songs for your site visitors to enjoy.

Create unique designs without limitations

Arrange your site elements by layers to add depth and create one of a kind designs.

Precision controls let you easily create professional looking designs

Features like guidelines and resize by value let you precisely control every aspect of your design.

Share your updates straight to social networks

Keep your followers up to date every time you make an update to your site and they'll be coming back for more.

Google Sitemap support

Just one of the many search engine optimization features that help sites built with WebStarts get found.