The 5 Reasons People Go Out Of Business

We've all heard how the majority who try to start their own business, go out of business. But what are the reasons? In this article I'm going to share with you the 5 things that put most people out of business.

1. Lack self-discipline.

If you're the type of person who needs to be told what to do,…

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How To Get An Email Address For Your Domain Name

To look professional you need an email address that matches your domain name. Using a free Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email address just looks fly-by-night. 

With WebStarts there are two easy ways to get an email address that matches your domain name. The first, and the easiest is simply to register a new domain name with…

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How To Add Recurring Payments To Your Website

Have you ever wanted to add recurring payments to your website? I recently discovered this fantastic service called Pay Here. Pay Here is a simple way to add recurring payment capability to your website. What makes it unique from other solutions is it's simplicity.

Pay Here uses Stripe as your payment processor. So to use…

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New Store Feature - Search and Sort Products

 Today we released an improvement to the Store Application. Now instead of scrolling through endless pages of products in your backend to make an edit, you can use the search and sort functions. You can search your products by name or sort them by newest to oldest, high to low price, or by the way…

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The Complete Guide To Website Forms

 In this article I'll be providing a complete guide to website forms. I'll be covering what forms are and why they are so important when it comes to your website. Let's jump right in.

Forms are one of the most important things you can put on a website. They're used for people to communicate with you,…

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How To Plan An Online Store

 Selling products online can be extremely rewarding and really should be part of every business who sells physical products. However, getting started is always one of the hardest parts about anything. Today I'm going to show you how to plan an online store. 

The first thing you need to do anytime your're creating a website is…

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How To Create A Sales Funnel For Your Website

A sales funnel is the structure that brings people from discovering you to becoming a recurring customer. They also help your business in a number of other ways. Not only do the turn more leads into customers but they also help automate business processes. That saves you time and money, provides a better experience for…

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How To Design A Mobile Website

Are you reading this on your mobile phone or a desktop computer? Chances are you're reading it on your mobile phone. Mobile phone useage has become ubiquitous. If you don't have a mobile version of your website you could be missing out on huge amounts of traffic. But creating a mobile version of your website…

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New Feature - Horizontal Form Orientation and More

Now you can create a horizontally orientated forms with WebStarts. This means your form fields can align horizontally across your page with the button on the right. In addition you now have more control over the look of the form. For example, you can adjust the height of your form fields to get that…

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New Feature - Icon Hover Effects

Introducing icon hover effects from WebStarts. Now when you add an icon to your page you can apply a hover effect to make it more interactive. Applying an icon effect requires you to have a paid WebStarts plan. Follow these steps to apply a hover effect to an icon.

Step 1. 

With the icon selected click…

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New Features - Gradients

Introdocuing two new features from WebStarts that will help give your website a modern and interactive look. The first is gradients. You can now add a gradient fill things like boxes, strips, and other elements. 

To add a gradient to an elments first select the element. Then click on the color fill tool. You'll notice at…

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3 Things That Will Stop Your Website From Being Successful

1. Lack of follow through

It doesn't matter how good your idea is, it doesn't matter how excited you are about your website if you never follow through and create one it's not going to help you one bit. 

2. Waiting until things are perfect to launch (Procrastinating)

Don't fall into this trap. It's easy to think I'll…

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10 Ways To Make Your Site Look Good

Here's where it's time to know a little bit about design. You need to create a website that...

1. Has symmetryMake it look like there's an equal number of things.

2. HiearchyPut the important things at the top of pages and make them bigger.

3. BalancePut an equal number and sized elements across from each other pages.

4. ProximityTry…

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10 Things To Put On Your Website

 Here's a list of things you should include on your website.

1. A logoYes branding is still a thing and when you include a logo on your site it helps your brand be remembered. That being said the logo shouldn't take up a prominent piece of real estate and should consume only a smart part of…

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5 Ways To Market Your Website

You've created your website and now it's time to think about marketing. What is marketing? How is it different from advertising?

Marketing is everything you do to promote your website from the content you put on the page to the places you advertise it.

Here are 5 things you should do to market your website.

1. Your pages…

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