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10 Design Skills That Will Help You Create A Better Looking Website

Creating you very own website can be a daunting task. To do a great job, efficiently, you need to have skills. So this article is all about sharing 10 skills you can master in WebStarts that will help you create a better looking website.

Skill 1: Arrow Keys

To move design elements one pixel at a time in any direction, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can hold down the shift button while doing it and move elements 10 pixels at a time.

Skill 2: Guidelines

When dragging elements about your page you'll notice pink lines. These are meant to suggest elements you may want to align with. Alignment is key when it comes to creating a good looking website.

Skill 3: Duplication

Select an element and click the duplicate icon attached to it in order to duplicate it. Duplicating elements saves you the tedious work of creating each design element one off.

Skill 4: Dragging in a straight line

If you want move an element in a straigh line horizontally or vertically, start to drag it in the direction and then hold down the shift key. This will keep you from dragging the element off course by mistake.

Skill 5: Resize by pixel

Select an element and click on the Settings icon. From there you can enter the exact width and height of your element by pixel value. This gives you precise control over the size of an element.

Skill 6: Grouping

You can move multiple elements at the same time by grouping them. Drag elements on top of each other to group them or hold down the shif key while selecting elements.

Skill 7: Coordinates

WebStarts lets you drag and drop elements wherever you want to place them. You can ensure you're placing elements precisely by using the attached x and y coordinates. X coordinates are horizontal and y coordinates are vertical.

Skill 8: Create space

When you want to create space on a page place a divider across the width of the page. Drag the attached smart handle up and down the page to push all the elements below the divider down the page. Pull it back up to decrease the space.

Skill 9: Copy and paste

You can copy and paste elements from one page to another. This saves the time it would otherwise take to place elements one at a time based on coordinates.

Skill 10: Copying a page

Once you've created a page layout you like, you can copy it to use over and over without having to start from scratch. Just select the option to copy a page when creating a new page.

There you have it, 10 skills that will help you quickly and easily create a great looking website using WebStarts. Sign up and create your own website at