How To Create A Webpage Layout

In this article I'll tell you how to create a webpage layout. Creatin a webpage layout can be tricky. It's a balance between creating something that looks great but still conveys the important points. 

There are lots of ways to layout your website depending on it's purpose. If your website is orientated toward selling products your…

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What's The Goal Of Your Website?

What's the goal of your website? That's the first question you should ask yourself before starting your web design. Establishing a clear goal will help you decide which things are most important and which are not important at all.

Over the years I've built literally hundreds of websites. During that time I've found there are pretty…

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The Top 5 Places To Advertise Your Website

Most people are looking to grow their business through their website. However, with millions of websites scattered across the internet it can be challenging to get noticed. Certainly getting found amongst Google's organic search results provides tremendous value, but obtaining top position for the phrases people use to find your products and services is more…

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How To Promote Your Website On Snapchat

Are you promoting your website on Snapchat yet? If you're not, you may be missing out on a good opportunity. Snapchat users tend to be younger, more affluent, and more engaged than those who use Facebook. So even though there aren't as many people using Snapchat as, the people who are using it, are a…

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How To Add A Donation Form To Your Website With

There are plenty of ways to raise money online through donations but none Iv'e seen are quite as stylish as Donately. That's why in today's post I'll be writing about how to add a donation form too your website using WebStarts and 

One of the nice features about other than the styling is…

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How To Add A Chatroom To Your Website

A chatroom is a fun way to engage with your online audience. For that reason adding a chatroom to your website can create stickiness. In this article I'll share with you a way you can add a chatroom  to your website using an app called Chatroll. To get started visit and create an…

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How To Add A Countdown Widget To Your Website

There are many times when using a countdown on your website is helpful. Whether it's to generate excitement for a new product launch, an upcoming event, or to create a sense of urgency for a sale. In this post I'll be showing you a handy countdown widget your can add to your website.

The first step…

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How To Create A Website From Your Mobile Phone

WebStarts is so easy to use, you can even create a website from your mobile phone. In this article I'll walk you through how to do it. One of the great, but little known features of WebStarts is WebStarts AI. It's a handy wizard for creating a website. You can use it on your desktop…

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New Feature - WebSarts Chat

Being able to connect with the people who visit your website is a key to having success online. There are so many websites out there nobody is truly behind. So when you are able to communicate with a real person behind a website, it's a big boost of confidence. That boost of confidence translates into…

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10 Reasons You Should Be In The Cloud

What does it mean to be in the cloud? It means instead of storing your software and data on your local computer, you're storing it remotely and accessing it through the internet. Here are 10 reasons you should be in the cloud.

1. Your data is available everywhere.

Instead of having to install software and moving data…

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How To Add A Facebook Follow Button To Your Website

In this article I will share with you how to add a Facebook follow button to your website. Adding a Facebook follow button will make it easy for the people who visit your website to Follow your Facebook page. When people follow your page on Facebook your posts will be more likely to show up…

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10 reasons you should be writing a blog

A blog is great for many things. In this post I'll talk about 10 of them. I've broken them into two categories, personal and business. Hopefully this post will inspire you to write your own.

For Personal

1. It relieves stress. Expressing yourself gives you peace because it's a great way to get something off your chest.


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40 Ways To Increase Website Conversion Rates

Make no doubt about it. The web is a competitive landscape, and in order to win, you need to be amongst the highest conversion rates in your product category. So how do you increase your website conversion rates? Here are some of the best ideas.

1. Make sure your website loads quickly.

The average person will wait…

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The 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Creating A Website

Never before has it been so easy to get your business seen by so many people. That's the beauty of having a website. But websites come with their own unique set of challenges. In this article I'll be sharing the 5 biggest mistakes people make when creating their website.

1. They don't promote their…

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New - Introducing WebStarts Ai

I'm proud to announce a new, easy way to create a website. We call it WebStarts Ai. WebStarts Ai uses the power of artificial intelligence to create a completely custom website. 

How it works

WebStarts Ai takes photos from either your Facebook account or photos you upload and places them into a web design. You can then…

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