New Feature - USPS Shipping Options

Now you can select USPS as a shipping method and automatically have rates generated for your shoppers. 

Here are some tips for using USPS shipping rates.

The first tip is to offer free shipping. This simplifies the buying process because your shoppers don't need to take shipping cost into consideration when making a purchase. One…

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Use The Brave Browser and Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is important because whoever controls your information controls you. Just think of how extortion works. Someone has information about you that you don't want anyone to know. It doesn't matter why you don't want to share it with everyone. Maybe it's because it could jeopardize the safety of funds, maybe it's something embarassing, maybe…

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How To Create A Membership Website

In this article I'm going to share with you how to create a membership website. A membership website lets you create webpages that are accessible for members only. That means site visitors who will want to view certain pages of your website will be required to login before viewing them. You can even create a…

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How To Create A Photography Website

As a photographer you need more than a proffessional looking website. You need a website to display, share, and sell your photography online. In this article I'm going to share with you how to create a photography website using WebStarts.

The first thing you'll need is to…

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New Coupon Code Features For Your Online Store

For many people who sell their products online coupon codes are a must. They're a great way to run limited sales and promotions. Online stores built with WebStarts have supported coupon codes for years but we've recently added several new coupon code features.

Create a coupon code for a specific product

You can now…

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Selling Products With Variants

Here at WebStarts when you sell a product that comes in a variety of colors, materials, sizes, and so forth we call that a variant. Selling products with variants adds a level of complexity to your online store. In this article I'm going to be sharing with you some tips on how to sell those…

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SEO Book Contents

1. Introduction

SEO or Search Engine Optimizatin is all about getting found when people search for your products and services online. Getting found online can be the difference from being a big business or out of business.

2. The basics

Before we begin our journey into search engine optimization lets take a look at…

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10 Places You Can Create A Free Backlink To Your Website

Backlinks are the most important thing when it comes to determining your search engine ranking. Yes, there is some on-page search optimization you should be doing but backlinks are where the rubber meets the road. Backlinks ensure your website gets crawled by Google, and pass authority to your website. Google uses that link authority to…

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New Feature - Files and Folders

This week we introduced a new and improved file manager. You can now find the Files and Folders application on your dashboard. This is a centralized location where you can manage and organize your files.

Click the upload button to upload files from your local computer. You can upload multiple files at the same…

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How To Choose A Shipping Method

When starting an online store one of the challenges many people face is shipping. Shipping has a lot of dependencies. In this article I'm going to try and break down those dependencies and help you determine the right shipping choices for your business.

1. Packaging

Are your selling something small and lightweight? Are you selling something large…

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New Feature - Add Embed Code To Blog Posts

This week we've added a new feature to the WebStarts blog application. You can now add embed codes to your blog. This is perfect if you have podcasts, videos, and other widgets hosted on third-party services like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Podbean.

You can find the new feature by logging into your account and clicking the Blog…

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How To Make Money Selling Websites

For years I've written about the virtues of running an online business. Online businesses facilitate a solution to many of society's perceived problems. Whether it be parents not spending enough time with their kids all the way to unnecessary pollution from daily commutes. And now we're looking at changes to our way of life that…

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What Is Social Proof and Why Do I Need It?

The web is full of abandoned websites. How often do you go to a website, submit a contact form and never hear back from anyone? For me, it's too often. Over time I've learned to stay away from websites that look abandoned or as I like to say "nobody's home". One of the…

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5 Ways To Get People To Read Your Emails

Here are 5 ways to get people to read your emails.

1. Make sure they get into the inbox.

If your emails go to the spam folder or are blocked completely they're not going to get read regardless of how well written they are.

2. Create compelling subject lines.

Just like going to the spam folder, if your email…

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