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New Feature: Add Appointment Booking To Your Website


Introducing appointment booking from WebStarts. With the WebStarts appointment booking app people can book appointments directly from your website. All you need to do is activate your app and setup your services and the times you're available.

You can find the app on your dashboard. Simply click the Appointment Booking app panel and click the Activate button and appointment booking will be added to your website. 

Once activated setup your services, set your availability. When someone comes to your website they click on the Book Appointment link in your website navigation menu. From there they can select from the available times and dates to book a session. 

When someone books a session both them and you receive a notification the appointment is booked and the person booking the session will receive a reminder notification the day before their appointment. You can see a list of your booked Appointments in the app under the appointments tab. From there you can manually add and manage appointments as well.

The Appoinment Booking app includes features to help you better manage your time. Like the ability to set availability on both a weekly and by a specific time. You can enable the buffer feature to give you time to prepare before and after a meeting. And when someone books an appointment with you they'll get an ICS file that will allow them to easily add the appointment to their favorite calendar.

Adding appointment booking is free, just like creating a website with WebStarts. So if you haven't already done so visit and create a free appointment booking website today.