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New Features: Improved Dragging and Alignment

 We just recently released an all new alignment tool that makes it easier than ever to do the following.

1. Improved alignment guides: 

Alignment guides are the little lines that stretch from one element on your page to another to help you get a sense of where elements are in relation to each other. The all new alignment guides now provide more guides, as well as display the number of pixels elements are from each other. This makes it easier to align elements equal distances apart on your page.

2. Improved snap to grid:

Snap to grid makes it easier to layout elements by anticipating where you wan to place them. The all new snap to grid feature makes it easier to place elements next to page width guidelines, as well as each other.

3. Element rotation:

Now you can rotate elements by clicking to select them and using the rotation handle to rotate any element to the desired position.

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