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New Features: February 2024

Here are just a few of the newest features and improvements to WebStarts.

1. Element Locking.

You can find this new feature in the page editor. Sometimes while working on your pages you might accidentally move an element, that can be frustrating. So we added the ability to lock an element into place. Once an element is in the locked state it cannot be moved until it's unlocked. You can also choose to lock or unlock all the elements on your page at once.

2. Shadow Effects.

While using the page editor and selecting an element you'll now see the ability to apply shadow effects. This even includes text, giving you tons of new ways to create depth and style on your website.

3. Rounded Corners.

Once again you can find this new feature in the page editor. You can now apply rounded corners to nearly in type of element. This includes everything from boxes, images, and even audio and video players.

4. Upload While You Work.

It can be annoying to wait for files to upload when working on your website so we recently introduced the ability to continue and work in the page editor while your files upload in the background.

5. iPad Compatability.

For the first time you can use the WebStarts drag and drop editor from your tablet. Simply tap and drag elments where you want them to appear on a page for a delightful experience.