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Web Design Tip: Sort Elements By Size

 Creating a professional looking web design can be daunting. Today I'm going to share with you a single design tip that will help simplify your design process. It's sorting elements by size.

Great designs have hiearchy. That means a clear indication of the most important and least important things on your page. The most important things on your page should be the largest and most obvious, while the least important things should be the sallest and least obvious. Everything in between should be of medium size.

So the exercise is simple. You can do it in the editor or draw it on a piece of paper. Put down all your design elements and assign each one to a category labeled small, medium, or large. The elements that are largest should be things that quickly communicate to your site visitors what your website is about. For example, it's common to have a large photo that reflects the type of business your in, or large text that tells people what you do.

Medium sized elements should be things of lesser importance, but not the least important things on your page. Commonly these would be things like your logo, menu, icons, and maybe some of the titles of your features and benefits.

Finally take the least important elements and make them the smallest. This would be the type of information someone is only going to need to discover after being engaged with your web content. A lot of times this is detailed descriptions, policies, or fine print.

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