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Adding Content To Your Website

 So you put together a website. You have a general look and feel but you need a way to make posts and updates without having to redesign the page every time you want to share new content. You're business running your business so you need to offload this task to someone in your organization.

That's where the blog app comes in with WebStarts. You can activate a blog with any WebStarts website. Then any post that you're making to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like you can easily share on your website as well. You don't have to have any expertise in web design to do this. It's just like making a post to your Facebook account. So it's also something you can hand over to a social media marketer, assistant, or whoever.

You can even set up your assist with their own username and password.

Ok, here's the situation. You've created a beautiful website using the WebStarts editor. You carefully took the time to place every element exactly where you want it to appear on your page. But now you find yourself wanting to share new content on your website, but dread making design changes to accommodate them. There's a solution for this that will make adding new content to your website as easy as making a post to your Instagram account. All you need to do is activate the blog app. When you activate the blog app a page called blog will be added to your menu. All the posts you make to your blog will be listed on that page and when someone clicks to ready more it will open up the post.

The blog app is great because there's no tinkering with the look and feel of your website. You simply add your new post to the blog page along with whatever images, videos, and media you want and it's displayed. You can save as draft, and even schedule for later. That makes it so you can create a group of posts in a single sitting and publish them over time.

You can sign up and create a free website with a blog at