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How to create a free website with WebStarts

WebStarts is everything you need to create your very own free website in one place. WebStarts website builder combines your domain name, hosting, and the software you need to create a great looking website all in one place.

WebStarts also includes many powerful features and apps that help you automate your business, sell products, and communicate with the customers. You can even create a fully functional online store that allows you to accept credit card payments right from your website.

Unlike other free website builders WebStars is drag and drop. That means there are no limits to the look you can create. Other website builders say they let you create a custom website but you're really just swapping out images and text of a template. That's not really a custom website and probably won't convey the value of your products, services, and inforamtion quite the way you envisioned.

The best part of WebStars is that it's 100% free to sign up. Simply go to the home page at and click the Get Started - It's Free button. In the next step you'll select a design. You can either start from scratch or you can modify one of the designs we've created to give you a jump start. All the designs are 100% customizeable and can be changed at any time, so don't worry about picking the wrong one.

To make it easy to find the perect design you can search by categories. Simply select the category that matches your line of work or general idea of your website. You can also search by functionality. For example you can select a design that's already setup to function as a store, includes a blog, a membership app, and so on.

Once you've selected your design it's time to choose a web address. With WebStarts you can choose from a free dot address or you can upgrade to a paid subscription and use your very own top level domain name like a .com, .net, .org. 

To check and see if your desired domain name is availabe enter it into the field provided and click continue. Once again, you don't need to get hung up here if you're having a hard time deciding on a web address. Just click the option to skip and you'll be able to choose a web address later.

Once you're in your WebStarts account you'll be viewing the dashbarod for your first site. Keep in mind you can create multiple free websites in WebStarts and if you've gone that route you'll see a thumbnail of each of those sites when you log in. You'll need to select the site you want to enter to see the dashboard in that scenario.

On the dashboard you'll find all of the apps related to your website like the Store app, Blog app, Email Marketing, and so on. Click on the app panel to open up each of those apps related to your website. 

To begin editing the pages of your website, hover over the thumbnail. Click the Edit Site button and the WebStarts page editor will be loaded. From here you can double click on any of the page elements in order to access their contents and properties. You can drag any of the elements where you want them to appear.

When you click to select an element you'll notice some icons appear attached to your selection. Use these icons to change the styles, attributes, and other properties of your elements.

WebStarts is a true drag and drop editor. That means there are no limits to what you can create. However it also means you can place elements on top of each other. Be mindful when dragging layers around the page not to hide them by placing other elements on top of them. If that does happen you can move elemetns forward and backward using the arrange by layer function.

Once you've made the edits and changes to your design don't forget to click the save icon. When your changes are saved they're published and you can now view them by clicking on the View Site button. It's a good idea to save your changes frequently so your work isn't lost if you're disconnected from the internet, your computer loses power, and other random problems which may occur.

With the content of your website complete you'll want to consider adding a top level domain name like a .com. You can do that by upgrading to one of the paid subscriptions. When you do that we'll even submit that domain name to Google so you'll start showing up in Google's search results. 

There are too many things WebStarts can help you do to write about in a single blog post just know if you see it on the web it can probably be done with WebStarts. To sign up and create your very own website visit