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New Coupon Code Features For Your Online Store

For many people who sell their products online coupon codes are a must. They're a great way to run limited sales and promotions. Online stores built with WebStarts have supported coupon codes for years but we've recently added several new coupon code features.

Create a coupon code for a specific product

You can now create a coupon code for a specific product you're selling in your online store. To do this click the store application panel in the dashboard view, then select coupons from the side bar. Select the option to create a coupon code for a specific product and select the product from the drop down menu.

Create a coupon code that requires a minimum amount of spend

You can now create a coupon code that's good only if a person spends a minimum amount of money on their order. So let's say for example you have a 10% coupon but you only want it to be valid on orders where someone has spend over $100. In that scenario you'd use this feature.

Create a coupon code for free shipping.

Free shipping is a huge incentive for people placing online orders. Now you can create a coupon code that will allow people to receive free shipping and you can even apply the rules I mentioned above. In other words you can create a free shipping coupon that only applies to certain products or if someone spends a certain amount. With coupons selected from the sidebar in the store applicaiton simply select the option to create a coupon for free shipping and then select your rules. 

Coupon codes are just one of hundreds of powerful features Webstarts offers you for your online store. If you haven't created a website or online store you can sign up for free by visitng