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How To Make Money Selling Websites

For years I've written about the virtues of running an online business. Online businesses facilitate a solution to many of society's perceived problems. Whether it be parents not spending enough time with their kids all the way to unnecessary pollution from daily commutes. And now we're looking at changes to our way of life that could potentially prohibit our ability to run in person locations. For those reasons more people are going to be starting a website than ever.

With The WebStarts Designer Platform you can build a business building and maintaining these websites for people. WebStarts doesn't require you to have much technical knowledge to create a website. If you can create a Word document you can create a website. So it makes it easy for anyone to become a web designer.

In addition we not only provide you the tools to become a web designer, we provide a ton of training, and online help as well. So you'll become an expert on everything from web design all the way down to knowing what to charge customers for your service.

To launch your own web design business all you need to do is go to the WebStarts Designers section on the WebStarts website.