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SEO Book Contents

1. Introduction

SEO or Search Engine Optimizatin is all about getting found when people search for your products and services online. Getting found online can be the difference from being a big business or out of business.

2. The basics

Before we begin our journey into search engine optimization lets take a look at the history of search and how it works. A long time ago Google came up with a method of determining search relevance called backrub. It was basically a voting system. The more links and the higher quality links you had connecting to your website, the more relevent your website was.

3. Keywords

People type keywords and phrases into Google to find products and services like yours. In order for you to get found online it's important for you to know the keywords people use to find your products and services. You can find keywords by using a keyword planner and by making a practical list.

3. On page SEO

Once you have a list of keywords you need to include those on the pages of your website. Search engines like Google only read text so make sure you include them in text. You'll also need to include the keywords in your page titlte, URL, and even file names.

4. Backlinks

The factor that will determine your search rank more than anything is going to be your incoming links. Incoming links from popular website will path more domain authority than those who have none. Most of Google's algorithmic updates are centered around spam filtering rules.

5. Brand

Beyond backlinks Google take into consideration things like the number of people searching for your brand name. You can get better search ranking by advertising your brand name online. This results in more people searching for you by brand and ultimately leads to a boost in search ranking.

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