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Use The Brave Browser and Protect Your Privacy

Privacy is important because whoever controls your information controls you. Just think of how extortion works. Someone has information about you that you don't want anyone to know. It doesn't matter why you don't want to share it with everyone. Maybe it's because it could jeopardize the safety of funds, maybe it's something embarassing, maybe it's access to opportunities like education or a job. It really doesn't matter, all your information can be used against you, used to control you.

You don't need to have done anything wrong for someone to accuse you of doing something wrong and utlizing information gathered about you to reasonably prove it. For example someone only need access to your contacts and accuse you of doing something embarassing to to extort you for something.

All of the biggest companies hold your data hostage so they can sell something back to you. In it's simplest form they make their software free and convenient to use, gather aggregated information based on your behavior and form a digial persona. They then use that persona model to predict your online behaviors and exploit them accordingly for their profit and power. They usually do this through advertisements but now you can see how companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, are censoring the things you can say online as well. Truly scary.

If you're alert and understand the far reaching implications you should be wondering what you can do to protect your privacy. The good news is that people are working on solutions. One of those solutions is the Brave web browser. Brave is designed to proect your privacy from the get go. It alerts you to data gathering cookies and has default settings that do a better job of protecting your privacy than competitors like Chrome. 

Speaking of Chrome, Brave is built from Chrome's opensource code. That means the Brave browers works with all your Chrome extentions. It also means there's no learning curve to finding your way around Brave. It looks, feels, and performs just like Chrome. It just isn't designed to harvest your data like Chrome.

All the privacy and security features of Brave are enough to make it the best browser on the market but here's what  really puts it over the top. Brave works with the cryptocurrency Basic Attention Token to reward you for the advertising you see, and you get to choose whether you want to see that advertising at all. 

It works by letting you choose whether you want to see ads. If you choose to see ads you'll earn cryptocurrency for every ad you see. So you're getting paid for your attention. That's the concept behind Basic Attention Token. You can sell your BAT for cash or other cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. This is so cool because not only are you protecting your privacy but you're in control and get to decide how and whether your online behavior is monetized, and if you choose to monetize it, you're the one receiving the reward. On top of all that you're getting rewarded in cryptocurrency so there's no government who can dilute the value of your money by counterfeiting. 

If you're not sure how fiat money works be sure to look it up online. In short when a government prints new money they increase the supply reducing the value of the money in your bank account. It's really an unfair, unapproved form of taxation.

The Brave browser can be installed on Mac and Windows. It's free to download and install. It's private, secure, and fast. It rewards you for seeing ads if you want to see them at all. It's superior in every way to web browers from the big companies. You can dowload it for free at this link