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How To Translate Your Website Into Any Language

For the longest time Google Translate provided a plug-in you could embed into your website then a couple of years back they discontinued that plug-in. Since then the way Google wants you to translate a web page is by installing their Chrome Extension for Google Translate. There are a number of reasons why Google chose to go this route. The Chrome Extension is easier to install, doesn't require a webmaster, and is likely to lead to peope preferring to use Chrome.

In this article I'm going to show you how you can install a widget from a company called Weglot that will allow you to translate the content of your website from any language to any other language. 

To do this you'll need to sign up and create a free website at and you'll also need to create a free account at Once you have those accounts setup you're ready to begin.

To create your translation service on Weglot you must first give your project a name. You can name your project whatever you want. After you've done this you'll need to select a website technology from the drop down menu. You'll want to select the option for "Other". In the next step you're going to want to scroll down to where it says use Javascript integration. Finally it's time to select the native language of your website and the languages you'd like to translate the content of your website to. So in this example I'm translating my website content from English into Spanish. Note you'll need to upgrade to a Weglot paid subscription to support more than one language.

In the last step you'll copy the javascript code displayed where it says Add Weglot snippet. With that code copied to your clipboard you'll need to login to your WebStarts account, click the option to Edit Site to load the page editor. While in the page editor click Insert > HTML code. Select the option to add the HTML code to the Site Head. This will allow the translation service to be displayed on all the pages of your website without having to enter the code on the pages individually. Paste the code in the field provided, click Ok, and lastly save. You're now able to see the translation options on your published webpage.