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What You Should Put On Your Website

"What do I put on my website?". It's an age old question I've been asked so many time. Well, maybe it's not that "age old", but none the less I'm often asked the question. In this blog I'll attempt and answer it.

When it comes to creating content for your website it's a like anything else in life. You need to know what the goal is before you start. If you haven't taken the time to set some goals for you website, you're not likely to know what to put on it.

In my experience there are three primary goals people are trying to achieve with their website. They're either trying to sell a product, sell a service, or convey information. When you're selling a product you need to include a headline that says what it is you're selling along with a strong call to action, and bullet points that explain the features and benefits of your product.

If you're selling a service you should include the same things as if you're selling a product but the emphasis should be more on listing your services and the benefits as opposed to focusing on features. In both cases I find bullets helpful because most people skim the page.

If you're conveying information that can be a little more tricky. For example, you may want to include a headline that draws the reader in, rather than identify a product or service you're selling.

Regardless of the type of website you're creating you should probably create a way people can contact you. No matter how much information you provide on your website, I assure you someone is still going to have a question. Providing a contact form where someone can submit an email is great but if you can put your phone number on your website, that's even better. Most people still prefer to pick up the phone and make a phone call before finalizing a purchase. If it's relevant to your business also include your physical address, and fax number on your contact page.

In addition to creating a contact page you should have an about page. About pages tell about your product, service, business, or information. If you're struggling to create content for your about page try including a short biography about all the people involved in your organization. If that doesn't do it, take things a step further and share a story about what inspired you to get started.

Whatever you share on your website it's important you have a way to easily update it. The beauty of a website is to provide up to the minute, highly relevant information. If you create your website with WebStarts editing your content is as easy as writing an email. All you need to do is login to your account from any computer that's connected to the internet. To get started with WebStarts sign up for a free account here.