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20 Things To Put On Your Website

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with content for your website. So here's a list of 20 things you can put on your website.

1. The name of your business.

2. Your company logo.

3. Your phone number.

4. Your address, directions, hours, and a map of your location.

5. A headline that concisely says what it is that you do.

6. A short story explaining who you are, what got you started, and what makes you better than competitors.

7. Plenty of photos. They can be photos of people, products, places, and whatever else makes sense.

8. Descriptions of various products and services your offer.

9. Testimonials and reviews of your business, product, or service.

10. Names, titles, and descriptions of staff or team members.

11. Links for social sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

12. News, information, and things happening around your business.

13. A calendar to share important dates, appearances, or events.

14. Contact form where site visitors can submit inquiries.

15. Subscription form where people can subscribe to your newsletter.

16. An online store where people can purchase your products.

17. A blog to share thoughts, experiences, and insights.

18. A button that calls people to action, whether that means buying a product, going to another page, or contacting the business.

19. Logos of partners, affiliates, and endorsements.

20. A frequently asked questions section with the most common questions and their answers.