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How WebStarts Turns More of Your Leads Into Customers

WebStarts turns more leads into customers using automation. Running a business requires keeping track of a lot of moving parts but thankfully we have computers to help us with those tasks.

WebStarts is more than a website, more than a marketing engine. It's a complete business automation solution.

WebStarts provides not only an easy way for anyone to create and update their website without having technical skills but also provides several features that help automate your business. This automation ensures you're able to turn more of the leads you get from your website into customers and that customers come back time and time again.

WebStarts does this by integrating all the key parts of your sales funnel. At the top of the funnel is your landing page. Landing pages are the first page someone sees when they "land" on your website. Often times your best landing page is simply your home page. 

Some of the keys to having a great landing page are to include a clear headline that states what your product or service is about and then have a clear call to action. The call to action is the next step you want people to take after coming to your page. Usually this will be something like a form to fill out. Requesting site visitors fill out a form helps you separate people who are serious about getting more information from those who aren't. Not many people will provide their name, email, and phone number if they don't scincrely want to learn more about your products and services. And you probably don't want to spend your time returning calls and emails from tire kickers either. 

With WebStarts you can easily add a form to any webpage and ask for as little or as much information as you want. So if you feel like all you need is an email address from someone who visits your website you can ask just for that one tidbit of information. On the other hand if you feel like the people visiting your website should fill out several fields of information before you follow up with them you can do that to. One of the nice features about the forms on WebStarts is that they're fully customizable. So not only can you have a field with a custom label but you can also store the information entered into those custom fields using the Contacts Application. 

Once you have someone's email address you can have prewritten emails that are sent out programmatically over time. This is often referred to as an autoresonder or drip email campaign. The idea is for the person who filled out your form to receive a follow up email with helpful information at regularly scheduled intervals. So for example you could send a follow up email highlighting a feature or benefit the first day after they signed up and then send another a week later, and then another several weeks later. The intervals can be as frequent as you'd like.

When you follow up with your customers using automation it saves you the time of having to call or manually follow up with leads who just aren't that interested in your product or service. This saves you time and money. In addition you're able to focus on the most qualified prospects. 

After you've been following up with your leads for a while some of them are going to decide to do business with you. If you're selling products and services online you can use the built in Store Application to process their order. What's great about WebStarts is that you'll be notified when someone places an order on your site. You can get that notification on your phone, via email, or both. You can then enter the shipping information for the order if it's a physical product and a tracking email is sent off to the purchaser. If you're selling a digital product you can deliver a link to the digital item directly after checkout.

Once someone becomes your customer you'll have full access to the order they placed along with their contact and shipping information. They can even create a username and password to make is super easy for them to place another order with you in the future. All this automation and data can then be leveraged to follow up with your best customers even further and increase revenue.