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The 5 Most Common Mistakes That Cause Online Businesses To Fail.

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A recent study shows online businesses are just as likely to fail as those that are start offline.  Here are 5 of the most common mistakes that cause online businesses to fail.

1. No domain name. 

With over 20 billion web pages on the internet it's easy for your website to get lost. Adding a domain name to your website will help ensure people can find your business online. Study after study shows choosing a short domain name, that's easy to spell  increases your chances of being found online.

2. No concise headline. 

One recent study shows you have only 4 seconds to capture a website visitors attention before they click the dreaded back button. It's critical in that 4 seconds you communicate to your site visitor what your website is all about. You can do that by creating a short and sweet headline and putting it near the top of your web page. Once someone is sure they're in the right place they'll be more likely to look deeper into your website. You'll need a way to change your headlines quickly and easily. Fortunately that functionality is already included with WebStarts.

3.  No clear call to action. 

Once someone has found your website and you've engaged them enough to look past your headline it's important to let them know the "next step". I call this "next step" a "call-to-action".  A call to action could be a buy button, it could be a form, or it could be even a phone. Whatever the next thing you want your website visitor to do is your "call-to-action". If you fail to tell your visitors what to do next they'll wonder around your website aimlessly or worse yet click the back button and never come back.

4.  No contact information. 

No matter how clear your call to action or how much information you provide on your website people are still going to have questions. When people have questions they'll want to communicate with a real person whether it's by phone, email, or both. To be successful online it's critical you provide a way for your site visitors to easily contact you. I recommend you put your phone number on every page.

5. Fail to do search engine optimization. 

Over 80% of all online web traffic comes through Google.  If your website isn't showing up on Google it's difficult to get found online. Yet only 17% of all websites spend time on search engine optimization. WebStarts provides you with a full array of tools to help you get better ranking on search engines. Stay tuned as tomorrow I'll be sharing the 5 secrets to getting a first page search engine ranking.