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Setting Up Shipping Rules For Your Online Store

One of the beauties of having an online store is the ability to sell products all over the world. However shipping costs depending on where you're shipping from and where you're shipping to can vary widely. For that reason we've just launched a new feature called Shipping Rules.

Shipping Rules can be created based on geography. So you can offer different shipping methods and calculations depending on where the person who placed the order lives. For example if you're shipping to and from the United States you may be able to offer US Postal Priority shipping for free since it's typically about $6 to ship a small box. Where as shipping 2-3 days from the US to Australia is going to cost you a lot more and require a service like UPS, Fedex, or DHL.

Ultimately the rates you charge and the shipping calculation methods offered are business decisons. So they depend on what you think will help you generate the most orders while constraining your costs.

To create a shipping rule login to your WebStarts account and click on the Store application panel. Next, click on the Shipping tab. You'll notice two shipping rules by default. One will be labled Domestic and the other will be labeled The Rest of the World. Click on the pencil icon next to each to edit their default properties or click the Add Rule button if you'd like to create a new rule altogether.

Once you're editing the shipping rules you'll be able to designate the geographical area where the rules apply and then also define shipping calculation methods for each of those sepcific geographic regions.

When you're finished the shipping calculation methods and estimated delivery times displayed at checkout will depend on where the person placing the order is requesting the products be shipped.