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New Store Features - SEO Friendly URLs and Sub Categories

This week we released two new, highly requested webstarts store features. 

SEO friendly URLs help you get better search engine ranking by including the keywords someone would use to search for your products online in the product URL. When Google crawls your site they determine what the site is about using a number of factors. One of these factors is the URL. So when you put the keywords people use to search for your product directly in the URL it helps Google determine when you're a more relevant result.

You can set your SEO friendly URL when creating or editing a product in the WebStarts Store application. Simply go to your Products tab, select the product to edit, find the section labeled SEO, and edit the URL using dashes between each keyword. When you're finsished be sure to click the update button at the bottom of the modal to apply your changes.

Store sub categories let you break out your store categories further. For example you can now have a main category called "Shoes" and then have several sub categories for the different types of shoes.

You can also link to these sub categories from any linkable element the same way you can link to main categories. So for example you can have images of the different styles of shoes you sell on your home page and make it so when someone clicks on the image they're taken to a view that shows all the products in that sub category. Maybe it's a photo of a running shoe, a dress shoe, walking shoes, whatever the case you can link directly to the appropriate sub category.