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New Features - Gradients

Introdocuing two new features from WebStarts that will help give your website a modern and interactive look. The first is gradients. You can now add a gradient fill things like boxes, strips, and other elements. 

To add a gradient to an elments first select the element. Then click on the color fill tool. You'll notice at the bottom of the color palette a selection of gradients if gradients are permitted on the type of elements you've selected. You can apply these gradients by clicking on them.

To customize a gradient click on the plus icon. From there you can use the arrows to view preconfigured gradients or click on the gradeint color just below the preview to customize the gradeint colors. You can add a gradient color by clicking on the plus icon.

Gradients are just one of the many featrues you can find at that help you create the perfect website.