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New Feature - WebStarts Store Login

One of the best ways to get people to make recurring purchases from your online store is to save their credit card payment and shipping information. Checkout is one of the highest points of friction in the sales process. So anything you can do to make checkout faster and easier will help increase conversion rates and lifetime customer value. For this reason we recently introduced a new feature to make it easier for your store customers to make recurring purchases. We call this feature the Store Bar and you can find it in the WebStarts Page Editor.

To WebStarts Store bar is a bar that runs across the top of your web pages that provides quick links to sign up and create an account with your online store or login to an existing account. It also shows login status for your customers, what's in their cart, and a link to checkout. 

When someone logs into their store acccount from the Store Bar they're taken to an Account page that includes all of their billing and shipping information along with an Orders tab that shows the history of all their orders. Your store customers can track their packages and review their order history there.

The Account and Login pages are customizeable within the editor. So if you want to change something about their appearance you can navigate to those pages in the Page editor. You can alos change the color and font of the Store Bar itself. The Store Bar has to be enabled in each page view individually. This allows you to show it only on pages you think are relevant to the shopping experience.To enable your Store Bar in the page editor click on View > Store Bar and then you can choose whether it's enabled or disabled.

The Store Bar is just one of the many new improvements we've introduced to our store builder. If you haven't already started your online store with WebStarts all you need to do is login to your WebStarts account and click on the Store Application panel in the Dashboard view. If you want to start a stand alone store you can create a new Store site by visitng as well.