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New Feature - Horizontal Form Orientation and More

Now you can create a horizontally orientated forms with WebStarts. This means your form fields can align horizontally across your page with the button on the right. In addition you now have more control over the look of the form. For example, you can adjust the height of your form fields to get that oversized, easy to see look.

In additon you can choose to layout your horizontal form in a variety of ways. Simple add a form to your page click to select it, click the attached settings cog, and then choose horizontal from the drop down menu. There you will also see some more layout options like even spacing between fields.

You can find all these new form features in the Form Builder app in WebStarts. Once you've configured your form you can change the appearance by clicking on the style brush and then clicking the customize style link. That's where you'll see a full panel of style and appearance options for your forms.