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New Feature - Blog Categories

Now you can create and manage blog categories using the WebStarts blog application. To do this login to your WebStarts account and click on the Blog Applicaiton while in the dashboard view. Next click to create or edit a post. 

On the right side of your post you'll see a new Categories option. Click the button to add a new category, give the category a name and press enter. The category will be created. A checkbox will appear to the left of the category name. When checked the blog post will be associated with that category. You can create multiple categories just by clicking on the Add New Category button and repeating the process.

Once you've created your categories you can change the order by clicking the Edit link and then using the handles to the left of the category name and dragging. You can also create sub categories by dragging a category name beneath a parent category. You can click the edit icon to the right of each category name to rename a category and you can click on the trash can icon to delete one.

Blog categories are just one of the many features you can find at