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New Feature - Backup and Restore

Now you can backup your website and restore to previous versions. This helps prevent from losing your work. It also lets you rest easy, if you make a mistake you can always go back. 

To create your first backup click on the backup icon on the dashboard just below the thumbnail image of your site. From there click on the Create Backup button to create your first backup. To restore a backup you must have a paid plan.

Once you've created a backup it will appear on the left side panel. Each backup can be indentified by it's time and date. If you're unsure whether you'd like to restore a particular backup you can click on the time stamp and a preview of the version will be displayed to the right. You can also choose to view a version in a new browser window or delete backups by clicking on the appropriate icons.

To restore a backup click on the restore icon. It may take about a minute for your backup to be fully restored. To learn more about backing up and restoring your website or to create your very own free website be sure to visit