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New Feature - Accept Payments Through Your Forms

WebStarts now let's you accept payments through your forms. This is a great way to accept orders for custom products or online registrations. For example_ You can now ask someone to complete several custom fields and then submit payment all at once. To take advantage of this new feature you must have a Pro Plus account. This is a bargain when compared to competitors who charge a minimum of $29 per month for just this one feature.

Here's how you can begin accepting payments through your forms.

Step 1. Make sure you have a Paypal account. When someone submits a payment it will go there.

Step 2. Launch the form builder app from the page editor and choose the fields you'd like to appear on the form. This can be any information you want to gather along with the payment.

Step 3. Be sure to add a payment field to your form by clicking on the payment button. You'll then enter your Paypal email address, item name, description, and price. If you're asking for a donation or a suggested amount click the option to collect a variable amount.

Step 4. Click insert form and drag and drop where you'd like your payment form to appear on your webpage.

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