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How To Promote Your Website On Snapchat

Are you promoting your website on Snapchat yet? If you're not, you may be missing out on a good opportunity. Snapchat users tend to be younger, more affluent, and more engaged than those who use Facebook. So even though there aren't as many people using Snapchat as, the people who are using it, are a better demographic. 

So how do you reach this better demographic? Well, when you take a snap with Snapchat you can attach a web address. When a web address is attached to a snap the person who views it can swipe up on their screen and they'll be taken to it. 

Here's how you set it up.

Step 1. Take a snap. This can be a photo or video or whatever. The more fun and engaging your snap the more likely someone will want to view it. So try to keep it entertaining and engaging.

Step 2. After you've taken the snap you'll see a set of tools on the right side of your display. Tap the attachment paperclip. You'll then be able to enter a web address at in the field at the top of your screen. Once you've done that tap the attach (paperclip) icon again.

Step 3. Ask people to swipe up to visit your site or learn more. You can do this by adding text across your snap. Tap the text icon and enter your desired text. This is an opportunity to get creative and find out just the right thing to say in order to get people to swipe up.

Step 4. Post your snap to your story or send it to a friend by tapping the send icon in the bottom right and choosing the place where you'd like to send it.