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How To Make A Website

How to make a website.

1. Decide the primary goal of your website.

Is your goal to sell products, sell services, or convey information? Deciding the primary goal of your website will make it easy to determine what should be on your site and how your site should be laid out.

2. Sign up to make a website at WebStarts.

WebStarts is everything you need to make a website. It's hosting, design tools, and your domain. It's in the cloud so there's nothing to install and it's accessible from any connected device. 

3. Select a template that most closely fits your goal.

Select a WebStarts template that fits your goal. If you're creating an online store select a store template, a blog select a blog template. If you're trying to capture leads select a template with a form on the home page.

4. Modify the template with your own text and images.

Replace the business name on the template with your own. Add a concise headline to the home page that explains what you do in a sentence or two. Include a call to action. That's typically a button or form someone fills out to take the next step.

On the About page you'll want to include content that explains who you are and what makes you better than compeitors. Try including a list of features and benefits. On the contact page be sure to include your phone number, address, and a form where people can reach you.

5. Add a domain name.

Once you've created the pages of your website choose a domain name that works for your business. Domain names that are short, end in a .com, are easy to phonetically spell, and having something to do with the product, service, or information found on your site work best.