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How To Get Email Subscribers

Getting found online is hard. There are millions upon millions of websites. So when someone does find yours it's important to get them to subscribe to your website. Getting people to subscribe to your website will increase your conversion rates because you'll have the opportunity to follow up with your site visitors. Normally when someone visits your website they're not going to make a purchase the first time you find you. In fact, they probably won't even remember the name of your website. So it's nearly impossible to generate business online without building a list of email subscribers. In this article I'll give you several ideas you can use to motivate your visitors to subscribe and wak you through the steps you need to follow to implement those ideas.

Contrary to what a lot of people think, most people will not subscribe to your website to receive your newsletter. Just having a form someone can fill out on your site to subscribe is not enough to motivate people to share their information. People tend to consider their contact information valuable and private. So they're not looking to plaster it all over the internet. They will however provide that information if you can make them a good enough promise. For example if you can promise them discounts, a free trial, a sample product, or something else of perceived value they're much more likely to share their email address. The higher the perceived value of the promise the more likely they'll be to subscribe and the more contact information they'll be willing to share with you. For instance, if the promise is great you may be able to get a name, email, address, phone number, and more. Just keep in mind the more contact information you ask from a person the more motivated they'll need to be to fill out your form and subscribe.

Using WebStarts it's easy to create subscription forms. All WebStarts templates have forms built-in so you can either use one of the built-in forms or create your own. To edit an existing form, load your page editor, click to select the form, and them click the Edit Form icon. WebStarts forms allow you to add a variety of common fields like name, email address, and phone number. There are also many advanced fields like time and date, and even payments. But for the most part when attempting to get subscribers to your website I suggest you start by asking only for a vistors email address. This will create the lowest bar of entry for the people coming to your site and give you the opportunity to try different promises.

When creating your form in WebStarts you'll want to select your fields and then move on over to the form settings tab. There are two helpful things you can do here. The first is enter your email address into the field where you want notifications to be sent when someone completes a form. The email address you used when you signed up for your WebStarts account will be populated by default but you can change it and add other email addresses if you want more than one person to be notified when a form is submitted.

Under form settings you'll also find a place where you can select an email list to populate as people fill out forms. These lists are accessible from the WebStarts Email Markeitng App that can be found as one of the panels in the Dashboard view. Activating the email markeitng application will give you the ability to send broadcast emails and scheduled follow up emails to the people who subscribe to your lists. This is a great feature because you don't need to integrate a separte email platform to start follwoing up. Just add one of the affordable email marketing plans to your site. The email marketing app comes will an email editor that allows you to write emails in both text and HTML. In addition to the email marketing app your subscribers will be synced with the Contact app. The Contacts app is free and gives you a place to view and manage all the contacts you've gathered from your website. This is helpful because if may only gather any email when originally asking someone to subscribe but then later on after you've established trust with your audience you can add things like names, phone numbers, and notes. All of these features work together to help you get the most out of your website and the most out of your subscribers.