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How To Get An Email Address For Your Domain Name

To look professional you need an email address that matches your domain name. Using a free Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail email address just looks fly-by-night. 

With WebStarts there are two easy ways to get an email address that matches your domain name. The first, and the easiest is simply to register a new domain name with WebStarts. You can do this by clicking the add domain button while logged into your WebStarts account. The second way, and it's a little more complex, is when you've registered your domain name somewhere else, for example Godaddy. If that's the case you must add that domain to your website and then update the DNS records to point to WebStarts ( and

Once you've added a domain name to your WebStarts account it will be available for you to add emails. Click on the Business Emails panel while in the dashboard view. You will be prompted to pay for emails. It's always cheaper to buy them in quantity and even if you're a one person business there's a good chance you'll need more than one email to stay organized and look bigger than you actually are. For example at WebStarts I have my personal email but we also maintain separate emails for things like reporting abuse, legal, and the likes.

After you've paid for your email addresses all you need to do is click to create a new email. From there you'll be able to enter a first and last name, choose the email users name (the part before the @ symbol) and the password. If you have multiple domain names in the same WebStarts account you'll also have the option to choose which domain name you'd like to create the email address for.

Now that the email address has been created you can check it by clicking the view email icon next to the email address. You can also check your email by going to mail.(yourdomain) in the browser and logging in. 

With your email address setup to work with your domain there's a good chance you'll want to set it up to work on your mobile phone. WebStarts emails can be easily setup with any mail program whether it be on an iPhone or Android device. You can find instructions on how to do that at this link. 

You can also setup WebStarts email addresses to work with your favorite email clients like Apple Mail and Outlook. You can find instructions on how to do that by clicking here.

If you haven't already signed up for a WebStarts account be sure to visit and create one. It's free to sign up. You can even bring an existing website you built with another company over to WebStarts.