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How To Edit Images On Your Website

If you've ever wanted to create unique graphics and images for your website but didn't want to shell out big bucks to a graphic designer or spend the time and money learning Photoshop there's good news. Your WebStarts account now includes a powerful image editor you can use to create beautiful graphics to your website. Our image editor let's you easily add text and effects to your images. To access our image editor follow these steps.

1. Login or create a WebStarts account. 

If you don't already have a WebStarts account you can create one now by clicking here.

2. Choose the page where you'd like to put your image. 

Click on the "Edit Site" and choose the page where you'd like to put your image.

3. Upload or select the image you would like to edit.

Once your image is uploaded and on your page click on it. You'll notice a menu will appear attached to the image. Click on the third icon from the left. When you hover over it you'll see the words "Edit Image" displayed.

4. Apply your desired effects. 

Choose from the many effects you're able to add to your image. Once you're ready apply your changes and the edited image will appear on your page.

You can then drag and drop your edited image wherever you'd like it to appear on your web page. The WebStarts image editor is a fun and easy way for you to create professional custom graphics for your website.