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How To Create A Logo For Your Business

Logos are visual representations of your company. In this article I'll be sharing five principles to follow when creating a logo.

1. Keep it simple.

Think of the most popular brands in the world. Now picture their logos. Notice they're all very simple. They're not overally creative or ornate. They consistent of basic shapes, they're typically one or very few colors. A logo is something that should be recognizeable in a flash. Making your logo overly complex or ornate undermines it's ability to be quickly recognized.

2. Match your color scheme.

When deciding on a logo you should consider color. If your business has a color scheme it should be reflected in your logo. Logos should be limited to one or two colors. Ideally the colors should trigger some psycology. For example, green is usually associated with environmentally friendly or healthy products where as blues are associated with trust and loyalty. Black conveys authority, white purity, red awareness and so on.

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing a color scheme is how difficult it will be to recreate the color in print and on the web. Colors are seen slightly different by nearly everyone. By choosing a common version of a color you're less likely to end up having the several slightly differnt looking versions.

3. Choose the right font.

If words or letters are in your logo you'll want to make sure you choose the right font. Bold and simple fonts work the best. Try to avoid choosing fonts that are ornate unless it's reflective of your type of business. For example if you want to convey you're "fancy" you may be able to get away with a currsive or script styled font. As always there are exceptions to the rule. Just try and consider the feelings you want to convey through your logo when choosing a font.

4. Consider your message.

When designing a logo you should be considering the message your logo communicates. Think about the feeling you get when you look at it. Are those feelings consistent with what your business does and the type of customers you're trying to attract? If you're renting bouncy houses your audience is going to want to see something fun and colorful. If you're trying to sell diamonds you're selling something that's luxurious and elegant. Think about what you're selling and how your logo conveys the appropriate feelings.

5. Show your logo to others and listen to feedback.

If you've followed the four principles above and done some mockups show them to friends, family, and colleagues. Ask people how the logo makes them feel and what they think the logo stands for. Ask them if it gives them an idea about what your selling. A great logo should hit on the big points with just about everyone you show it to.

Once you have a great looking logo be sure to add it to your website. Create a free website at