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How To Create A Dropshipping Store

Drop shipping is when you sell a product through your online store but someone else does the delivery of that product to your customer. This allows you to sell products without storing inventory, packing, and shipping products. It's a good way to start an online store on a budget because you don't have to pay for the products you're selling up front. Products are purchased a wholesaler after someone places an order through your online store. The wholesaler then ships that product directly to your cusotmer.

There are a number of businesses that have been created to support the drop shipping industry. They essentially fall into two categories, those who offer products for you to sell and those who you send the products that you've produced to them and they take care of the logistics of the shipping.

One of the more popular places you can simply make a purchase and have the item sent directly to your customer is Aliexpress is famous for this use case so you're going to find thousands of items that can be resold. 

Not all items are good candidates for dropshipping and finding a niche will require some trial and error. Generally speaking however items that are small, trendy, and cheap make for good dropshipments. That's because they're generally in demand, inexpensive to ship, and have less price sensitivity to the consumer.

When selecting products for your dropshipping store be sure to consider the quality of the product, and estimated delivery time. If you're using a wholesaler like Aliexpress you can read the product reviews for items and the estimated delivery time will be displayed prominently.

WebStarts is the perfect place to create a dropshipping store because it's free to sign up, you can accept credit card payments instantly, and you can add a domain name instantly. So the whole process from zero to in business can be as little as ten minutes.

WebStarts also has a ton of the features you need for a successful store built right in. For example you can do things like create a product review blog, unique landing pages that show off the features and benefits of specific products, chat with your site visitors when they come to your site, track who's coming to your website, and more.

The first thing you need to do to create your dropshipping store is sign up for a free WebStarts website. When you get to the template selection page be sure to select one of the online store templates. But do know you can add a store to any WebStarts website.

You'll then want to select a domain name for your store. The domain is going to be either top level domain which requires a paid plan or you can stay with the free plan and get a dot web address. If you're serious about selling you'll definitely want a top level domain name like your very own .com but you can add that later.

After you've signed up for a WebStarts account you'll be in the dashboard view. Click on the store application panel to launch your online store. With the store application open click on the Products tab and click the option to create your first product. When creating a product you'll give it a title, description, upload photos, videos, pricing, and more. After you've created a product you can view it by clicking on the product link.

WebStarts includes several features that will help drive more sales to your dropshipping store. For example with WebStarts you can create unique landing pages for each product. It's a great way to focus on the features and benifits of a specific product. In addition you have the ability to create blog posts about the products your selling. That's a good way to generate the type of content that drives traffic from Google. You can also send follow up and broadcast emails to your leads helping you turn more of them into customers and getting them to come back and purchase from your store again.