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How To Choose Fonts For Your Website

Here are 5 rules to help you choose the right font for your website.

1. Messaging - Think about the message you're trying to convey and choose an appropriate font. For example if you want to convey elegance you may want a script. If you're creating something futuristic you might want to choose something modern.

2. Safe Typefaces - Safe typefaces are one's that are commonly supported and easy to read. What good is a font if it can't be read?

3. Contrast - Choose fonts that have contrasting styles. It's usually best to choose the more ornate font as the title and a good clean font for general content.

4. Don't Get Too Creative - Use creative fonts sparingly and only on content that's not critical to be read. Some people won't be able to make out the characters.

5. Font Pairs - Use font pairing resources built into WebStarts and commonly found around the web.