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5 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

Your domain name is the web address people are going to type into their browser to find your website. So there are some things to keep in mind when choosing one for your website. In this article I'm going to share 5 tips for choosing a domain name.

1. Keep it short.

The fewer characters in your domain name the quicker and easier people will find it when typing it into their browser. It's also faster and easier to spell out if it's short and you're giving it to someone via speech.

2. Easy to spell.

Closely tied to keeping it short, try and make it easy to spell. Most of the time the domain name is going to be shared in spoken word, so make sure it's not the type of word that can be spelled many different ways but is always pronounced the same.

3. Keep it phonetic.

As I just mentioned, most people are going to be sharing your domain name through speech. If you can sound it out with common word spellings it's going to be a lot easier for people to remember and understand.

4. Try to get your business name.

This is obvious but it stil gets overlooked. If you're staring a new business maybe even consider finding the domain name first and then matching the business name. That's a good hack for making sure you have the domain name that makes sense for your business.

5. Try and get a .com

There are many top level domain names like .net, .org, .co, and so on, but there's still one king, and that's the .com. Most people already assume your domain name ends in .com so if you choose another extension you may find out people are going to the wrong site.

Adding a domain name to your website normally requires you to update your nameservers, create a records, and enter IP addresses. However, if you create a website at WebStarts you don't need to do any of that. Our unique applicaiton lets you choose a domain name and it automatically starts working with your website in about 90 seconds without you having to do anything technical.