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How To Capture Leads From Your Website

Studies show the average person won't buy from your unitl the seventh time they have contact with your company. For this reason very few people will ever come to your website and make a purchase the first time they visit. That's why you need to be capturing contact information when people come to your website.

So how do you capture contact information? To gather contact information you need to add a form to your website. WebStarts not only provides you a way to create a custom form but also lets you put the contact data directly into the email marketing app. You can then send your leads scheduled email follow ups. Those follows ups remind your leads who you are and what you do. Ultimately more of those leads become customers.

In additon to being able to send scheduled marketing email. The email marketing platform lets you send broadcast emails. Broadcast emails are a great way to tell your audience about a sale, special offer, or other promotion.

To get started with the email marketing app click on the Email Marketing panel from the dashboard. You will then need to choose a subscription. Subscription prices are based on the number of contacts in your list. Once you've chosen a plan you'll be able to give your email lists names. Those names can be selected when creating a form with the form builder app. Each list can have it's own set of scheduled follow up emails.

The email marketing apps supports text and HTML email creatives. That means you can create rich HTML marketing emails as well as simple text based email messages.

With WebStarts there's no need to sign up for several different services to create your website and market to your leads. Everything you need to not only build your website, market to your customers, and process their transactions is included. Sign up and create a free website with WebStarts today and try it for yourself.