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How To Add Recurring Payments To Your Website

Have you ever wanted to add recurring payments to your website? I recently discovered this fantastic service called Pay Here. Pay Here is a simple way to add recurring payment capability to your website. What makes it unique from other solutions is it's simplicity.

Pay Here uses Stripe as your payment processor. So to use the service you must first create a Stripe account. If you don't already have one, be sure to visit and create one. Stripe is a credit card payment processor and lets you accept credit card payments online for a 2.9% transaction fee. Which is a competitive rate. 

Once you have your Stripe account connected to Pay Here creating recurring payment plans is simple. You just enter the name, description, price, when, and how frequently you want to charge the recurring payments and Pay Here spits out a link you can connect to from your website. They also include some more advanced features like the ability to charge on a daily, weekly, yearly basis, set a predetermined total number of charges, create a custom email receipt and more.

You can link any element in WebStarts directly to the Pay Here checkout page. To do that just copy the link provided by Pay Here to your clipboard, select the element you'd like to link to (like a button for instance), and paste the URL to your recurring product in the field provided. Then be sure to click Save and test it out on your live site.