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How To Add Payhere To Your Website

Payhere is a dead simple way to collect credit card payments online. It's perfect if you're collecting a deposit, recurring subscriptions, and donations. They provide an elegant checkout that won't confuse your customers and they charge only a small percentage of each transaction. Here's how to add Payhere to your WebStarts website.

1. Sign up and create a Payhere account.

2. Select the type of payment you want to collect. You can collect subscription payments on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis, you can collect one-off payments, or you can collect donations.

3. Give your collection a name and description. This will help your customers know what they're paying for of course. 

4. Go to the Plans tab and click the Embed link to the right of the plan you would like to put on your website. Copy the code to the clipboard and navigate back to the WebStarts page editor and select the page where you'd like the link to Payhere to appear.

5. In the WebStarts page editor click Insert > HTML code from the dropdown menu and paste the code from your clipboard into the area provided and click Ok.

6. You're now able to drag and place your Payhere link where you want it to appear. Save your changes and view the link on your published website. You can also link any design element like a text, images, and buttons to your Payhere checkout by copying the Payhere link from the Plans tab, selecting the design elements, clicking on the attached link icon, and entering the URL into the field provided.