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How To Add A Countdown Widget To Your Website

There are many times when using a countdown on your website is helpful. Whether it's to generate excitement for a new product launch, an upcoming event, or to create a sense of urgency for a sale. In this post I'll be showing you a handy countdown widget your can add to your website.

The first step to adding a countdown widget to your website is to go to Once you've landed on their homepage you'll be able to customize your countdown widget. CountingDownTo is great because it's a good looking widget with plenty of customization options. You can customize everything from the color, shape, size, launch date, and more. 

Once you've customized your count down widget it's time to add it to a WebStarts web page. To do this you'll need to first login to your WebStarts account and then choose the page where you'd like your countdown timer to appear. With your page open in the editor go back to CountingDownTo and click the button that says 'Add to my website'. You'll notice some HTML code is displayed. Copy that code to your clipboard and move back over to the WebStarts page editor. Locate the 'Insert' option on the toolbar and choose to insert HTML. Once you've done this paste the code in the field provided and click 'Ok'. 

Your countdown widget is now displayed on your page. You can use the handles to resize the widget and drag it wherever you'd like it to appear. When you're finished click save and the widget is published to your live web page. You can view the page by clicking the view site button. Now all you have to do is build the excitement ;D.