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How To Add A Chatroom To Your Website

A chatroom is a fun way to engage with your online audience. For that reason adding a chatroom to your website can create stickiness. In this article I'll share with you a way you can add a chatroom  to your website using an app called Chatroll. To get started visit and create an account. After you've created your account you'll need to create your first event. From there, follow these steps to add Chatroll to your website.

Step 1. 

Click the embed link next to your Chatroll whithin your Chatroll account. 

Step 2. 

Click on settings from the left sidebar and then appearance do customize the look of your Chatroll to match the look of your website.

Step 3. 

Copy the embed code displayed to the right of your Chatroll preview to your clipboard. You can do this by selecting the code, right clicking, and choosing copy.

Step 4. 

Login to your WebStarts account and choose the page where you would like the Chatroll to appear. 

Step 5. 

Click Insert > HTML from the toolbar and paste the embed code into the field provided and click 'Ok'. 

Step 6. 

Your Chatroll will be displayed on your website. You can use the selection handles to resize the Chatroll to your liking. You can also drag your Chatroll wherever you'd like it to appear on your web page. When you're ready be sure to click the 'Save icon' to publish your changes.

Now that you've added Chatroll to your website try setting up a special event or inviting people to a discussion by sharing your page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Be sure to visit WebStarts to create a website that let's you embed cool things like Chatroll and a whole lot more.