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How To Add A Chatroom To Your Website

A chatroom is a place where a group of people can have a conversation on your website. It's a nice way to draw visitors back to your site again and again. People love chatrooms because they allow your visitors to participate in a live discussion, anonymously with a group of people through their computer. Adding a chatroom to your site is a great way to increase your traffic and find out more about your site visitors.


Adding a chatroom to your webiste with WebStarts is simple. Just follow the instructions below.

1. Go to

Go to and click the button labeled 'make a chat box' on the far right side of the screen.

2. Customize your chatroom appearance.

Now that you've chosen the option to create a new chatroom you can customize your chatroom appearance. Click on any one of the thumbnail images near the top of the screen to change the background of your chatroom. You can also upload your own chatroom background image by clicking the icon labled 'Click for more or use your own'.

3. Copy and paste your code onto your WebStarts website.

Once you've finished customizing your chatroom click the copy button to copy your chatroom code to your clipboard. Navigate your way back to your WebStarts paged editor. Once you're on the page you would like to add the chatroom to click 'Insert' and then 'HTML Code' on the toolbar. Paste your chatroom code in the area provided and then click 'OK'. You'll then be able to drag and drop your chatroom wherever you would like it to appear on your webpage.