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Coupon Codes Are Here

Coupon codes are a great way to increase conversion rates by offering your customers a discount at checkout. They also help protect your margins because you don't have lower your price for everyone, only those who have a coupon. The WebStarts store app now lets you create coupon codes and allows your customers to redeem them on checkout.

You can find the coupon code feature in the store app under the tab labeled Coupons. Once in the coupon code section of the store app click the Add Coupon button in the top right. You can create coupon code discounts either by an amount or percentage. For example you can offer a coupon that gives your customers $10 off or 10% off.

Once you've chosen the type of discount you're offering you'll need to create a coupon code name. This is the actual code customers will enter on your checkout page in order to apply the discount. You can specify a minimum amount of spending in order to qualify for the discount as well. That way if were offering a $10 discount off an order but their order total wasn't quite $10 you wouldn't allow them to process that order for free.

By default the coupon codes will be valid from the moment they're created and never expire. However you can change the start and expiration date of any code. When you're finished creating your coupon code a field on your checkout page will appear where your customers can enter their code. When there are no codes issued for your store that field will not appear. You can edit and delte your codes at any time. You'll also notice in the coupon code section a place where you can see how many times a particular coupon code has been redeemed.

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