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10 Ways To Make Your Site Look Good

Here's where it's time to know a little bit about design. You need to create a website that...

1. Has symmetry

Make it look like there's an equal number of things.

2. Hiearchy

Put the important things at the top of pages and make them bigger.

3. Balance

Put an equal number and sized elements across from each other pages.

4. Proximity

Try to keep equal distance between elements.

5. Alignment

Things should be connected by imaginary lines.

6. Contrast

There has to be enough contrast so people can see the difference between the foreground and the background.

7. Repitition

Put the same stuff in the same place on each page.

8. Space

Put space between things so it's no overwhelming to look at the page.

9. Emphasis

Put white space around the things you want draw attention to.

10. Proportion

Elements should be the same size as other, similar elements.