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5 Reasons You Need A Website

The landscape of the internet continues to evolve, and as it does, there's one thing that remains constant... websites! Despite the introduction of the social media, the smart phone, apps, and local listings, websites are still a must have for businesses and organizations. That's because having your own website still provides advantages you just can't replicate anywhere else. For example with a website you...

1. Own the data.

The website, the data captured on the website, the files, everything, it's all yours to do with whatever you choose. Compare that to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram who make you agree to their terms and conditions. Those terms and conditions often limit access to your data, privacy, and ownership rights of the content you create.

2. Control the data.

Yes you can share things like your location, business hours, and other tidbits of information on Facebook, Twitter, and Google but everyone of those companies is looking to grow and promote their company and not yours. So they're going to make decisions about when and how to display your business information with their best interest in mind, not yours. If they decide to remove your profile because it's against their terms or they change their search algorithm.

Having your own website counteracts the effects of putting your data in the hands of big companies. By sending traffic to your website instead of a social media profile you'll always have a way to stay connected with your customers. You'll never just disappear from the virtual world because of a change in policy or algorithms.

3. Gain credibility. 

If you're in business and don't have a website it's going to be hard to get taken seriously. The general public views a website as a core piece of marketing and promotion. They understand that it replaces the yellow page ad of yesteryear and it's just flat out hard to think someone is credible if they don't have one.

4. Save time.

Putting answers to frequently asked questions, allowing people to order your products, fill out forms, and other activities on your website will save you the time and hassle of having to do transactions over the phone or in person. You'll reduce the number of redundant questions people ask you, and create efficient workflows. You'll also be more likely to attract savvy customers who are generally less maintenance and willing to spend more money because those type of people are used to helping themselves and expect to find information about products and services online. In addition people won't have to wait for business hours to get the answers they're looking for or complete their order.

5. Save money.

Beccause you won't be spending as much time answering the same questions again and again, because you'll be able to setup workflows that lead your prospects through the buying process, because you'll be able to capture leads, get found, and gain credibility you'll ultimately end up saving money. Websites are a fraction of the cost of other ways to promote your business.

If you're ready to take control of your onine presence, sign up for a free website at today.