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Add a Facebook "Like" Badge to Your Website

Another way that you can integrate facebook into your website is to add a "like" badge. The like badge will allow viewers to see that you have a facebook fan page and it will immediately allow them become a fan or "like" your page. This is perfect for the small business who has a free website and wants to get in contact with customers using facebook. You can get started with your free website today and add a facebook "like" badge by following these steps_

Step 1_ Go to http_//

Step 2_ Click "Like Badge" and choose a page to preview the widget.

Step 3. Click in the box to highlight all of the code and copy it using right click, copy.

Step 4_ Go to your webstarts page editor and click "Insert", "HTML Code".

Step 5_ Paste the code into the box and click "Ok". The widget will be inserted onto your page and you can drag and drop it wherever you like.