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5 WebStarts Features To Help Your Business Grow

1. Website Builder.

Of course the WebStarts website builder is our bread and butters. The true drag and drop editor lets you create unique designst that convey the value of your products, services, or information. There's no code to write, and adding a domain name happens automatically. So all the techncial parts of making your website are done for you. 

As a business owner it's important to be in control of your own website. With WebStarts you own the site and are in control of the edits and changes. This lets you react to feedback from customers and site visitors in real-time, helping you optimize your site.

2. Landing Pages.

WebStarts is a great tool for creating landing pages. Landing pages are the pages of a website someone lands on after clicking an ad or another link used in a marketing campaign. A lot of times home pages need to serve as a hub for the various things your site covers. But landing pages can be tailored to focus on just that one product, service, or information tidbit someone was expecting to see after clicking through to your website.

3. Forms.

When people come to your site they rarely make a purchase or decide to do business with you the first time. It's important you don't waste that web traffic and capture some contact data before they bounce. That's where forms come in. A strategically placed form on your website helps you capture lead data that you can then follow up with later. Ultimately this results in converting more of those site visitors into customers.

4. Email Marketing.

When you add a form to your website and start capturing lead data you're going to need a way to follow up with those people. The best way is to send them an email. The email marketing application makes it easy to send both scheduled follow ups and send broadcast emails. Email is one of the most effective ways to advertise so this feature has tremendous value when it comes to growing your business.

5. Analytics.

Sometimes it's difficult to know which of your marketing efforts are working and which are not. That's one of the reasons you need analytics. Viewing your website analytics can give you insight into where your customers are coming from, where they're going on your site, and what things on your site they're responding to. For example you can tell if a certain product image gets more people to add it to their cart.